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Heal Your Spine With the Most Advanced Spinal Help With a Spine Specialist

The Spine Rehab Group: The Permanent Pain Relief Your Spine Deserves

At The Spine Rehab Group, patients experience the best spine specialist care possible. We are Bergen County’s most trusted and dedicated spine treatment team, with a number of veteran Board Certified Interventional Spine Specialists in our clinics, allowing us to help patients with any and all back issues they may have, from the most common spine pain to highly specific and unique spinal cases.

The Spine Rehab Group offers comprehensive spine diagnostic services and the latest and most trusted treatments and techniques to to truly understand and solve any spinal condition a patient may have. Our holistic and personalized spine treatment plans include interventional pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, acupuncture, medical massage, and more.

We are committed to helping patients avoid the knife, choosing to treat and heal spine conditions with non-surgical, interventional approaches. Our methods allow patients to achieve complete recovery without ever stepping foot in an operating room.

The Spine Rehab Group in Bergen County provides patients the care they deserve for their spine conditions. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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Types Of Spine Pain We Treat

Bergen County’s Top Spine Specialist: Dr. Amr Hosny

As one of the most trusted spine specialists in New York and New Jersey, Dr. Amr Hosny has spent his entire career helping patients with spinal conditions and connecting patients with spine specialists at The Spine Rehab Group. Dr. Hosny is a board-certified and Harvard-trained Interventional Spine Specialist, and he stands at the forefront of spine treatment and our understanding of spinal health.

Dr. Hosny has helped patients with all kinds of spine pain over the last several decades, helping as many people as possible return to their active and healthy lifestyles, free of spine pain. At The Spine Rehab Group with Dr. Hosny, we ensure to treat patients with non-surgical approaches and treatment plans, allowing them to avoid going under the knife while still experiencing a complete recovery.

How We Treat Spine Pain: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  1. Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  2. Interventional Pain Management
  3. Physical Therapy
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our professionals conduct electromyography (EMG) and X-rays to evaluate your back muscles and nerves. These are great tools for demystifying symptoms and pain. The test results will give us a more thorough understanding of your pain and are able to rule out muscle and nerve disorders. From there, we figure out the best course of action for our patients.

Inteventional pain management involves the use of multiple disciplines to achieve a pain-free existence, including steroid injections, radiofrequency therapy, and physical therapy.

Each patient responds to the treatments differently and we continue to adjust your plan depending on what your body truly needs. Interventional pain management is amazing for healing, with zero risk of debilitation or downtime.

Our in-house PT, Bethany Weinmann, is a board certified physical therapist. Our physical therapy programs include many disciplines in creating a holistic treatment, from massage therapy to postural alignment, to electrical stimulation.

Acupuncture is a great alternative to other non-surgical and minimally invasive surgery and procedures. It is a fantastic option for patients who prefer to opt out of steroid injections or spinal surgery as part of their pain management plan.

The needles directly stimulate the central nervous system and release chemicals including opioid peptides and amino acids that work with the brain to block out pain signals and promote relief.

With the help of our licensed massage therapist, you can get instant relief for acute back pain or get improved results for chronic pain. Massage therapy is a fantastic complementary treatment for our other pain relief programs like sports medicine treatments..

Spine Pain FAQ

What is the difference between chiropractic care and the treatments at The Spine & Rehab Group?

The Spine & Rehab Group has a more holistic approach when it comes to back pain. At chiropractic clinics, patients typically get an adjustment and that’s it. In our clinic, we offer an extensive suite of services including diagnostics. We explore different treatment non-surgical treatment options and our personalized packages are often customized for our patients.

How do I find a good spine specialist?

Practice of interventional medicine is one of the hallmarks of a true spine expert. Contrary to popular belief, open back surgery shouldn’t be the first approach to back pain. Conversative treatment methods like physical therapy and steroid injections should be considered before physicians urge a patient along the orthopedic surgery route.

If your spine surgeon is already suggesting an orthopedic spine surgery without fully understanding your condition, consider working with one of the interventional medicine specialists at The Spine & Rehab Group.

I’m already in a lot of pain; how will physical therapy help?

Physical therapy is a carefully selected set of exercises designed to strengthen your back. These are done with a licensed physical therapist, who will help mobilize your back muscles and improve your functionality through a series of exercises.

Where To Find A Spine Specialist In Bergen County NJ: The Spine Rehab Group

Getting access to state-of-the-art treatment facilities and diagnostic centers is exactly what you need to live a pain-free life. The Spine Rehab Group’s Bergen County office serves as an all-in-one center for pain management, diagnostics, and physical therapy.

Being the most populous county in New Jersey with over 900,000 locals, the residents of Bergen County are in need of easy access to amazing care.

Bergen County offers a great blend of natural settings and fun commercial spots. This County hosts the MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and Jets football teams. Popular golf courses such as the Darlington Course can also be found here. As a resident, living pain-free in Bergen County is crucial if you want to explore one of the many parks and malls in Bergen County.

Spinal pain and just chronic pain in general can make everyday living impossible. Certain activities like golfing or even just exploring and taking on new sights will prove difficult if you’re dealing with pain. At the Spine Rehab Group, we make sure patients located in Bergen County get access to top-of-the-line pain management services and facilities under the care of our board-certified physicians.

Our clinic in Bergen County is here to help with spine pain issues so you can go back to enjoying everything this serene County has to offer. Reclaim your freedom from acute, chronic, sports-related, or injury-induced spine pain, and other spinal issues today. Connect with spine specialist at The Spine Rehab Group and experience the top chronic spine pain management and treatments around.

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