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Knee Pain Specialists

Knee pain can strike when you least expect it. Our team of knee pain specialists in New Jersey are dedicated to providing you non-surgical relief and healing for your knees.

Knee pain caused by a knee injury or other knee condition can be not only very painful but disabling if left untreated for a long period of time. The knee is made up of multiple parts that can be affected in a knee injury or knee condition including cartilage, bones, tendons, fluid and ligaments.

The group of pain doctors at The Spine & Rehab Group in New Jersey concentrates on the non-surgical treatment of knee pain and knee injuries. Our Board Certified Doctors work together with a team of experts including highly trained and skilled Physical Therapists for knee pain, Certified Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists.

The severity of your knee condition depends on how the injury occurred. Often, knee injuries are seen in athletes or people who participate regularly in sports activities. Other knee pain can arise from injuries due to falls and slips. In addition to an injury, there are medical conditions that affect the knees and require non-surgical intervention.

Common Conditions and Injuries of the Knee


Meniscus tears are one of the most common knee injuries and sports injuries that cause knee pain, especially in athletes. A meniscus tear can be the result of a forceful twisting or blow to the knee which causes knee pain, swelling and pain when moving. Meniscus tears are also referred to as torn knee cartilage.


The knee is made up 4 ligaments, ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL. These ligaments are parts of the knee that allow for stability and movement of the knee. ACL and MCL injuries such as sprains or tears are more common and often the result of a sports injury. Treatment for knee ligament injuries such as ACL or MCL tears can be successful without surgery.


Tendonitis of the knee, also known as Jumper’s Knee, occurs due to inflammation, stress or injury of the patellar tendon in the knee. Repetitive motions that involve straightening of the knee, especially jumping, can lead to knee pain and knee stiffness that may be diagnosed as Patellar Tendonitis.


Runner’s Knee is a knee condition that causes knee pain and difficulty bending the knee, most commonly in runners but also in bicyclists and other athletes. In Runner’s knee, the knee pain most commonly experienced is around the kneecap and can be exacerbated when bending the knee.


Knee Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae in your knee, which are sacs that allow cushioning of the knee joints to protect them from irritation. Symptoms of Knee Bursitis commonly are knee pain, swelling of the knee and knee tenderness. Knee Bursitis may develop due to strain on the knee, a sports injury or Arthritis.


Arthritis of the knee causes inflammation of the joints in the knee, which ultimately leads to knee pain and limited mobility. Osteoarthritis of the knee, when knee cartilage wears away, is the most common type of arthritis to affect the knee joints. Non-surgical treatments are available to make knee pain manageable and improve mobility.

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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Knee


Patellofemoral syndrome is a condition that causes pain in the kneecap or around the knee. It is prevalent among athletes, active teenagers, older adults, and people who perform physical labor and usually occurs after a sudden increase in activities such as running or jumping.

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Treatment for Knee Pain and Knee Injuries

The team of specialized pain specialists at The Spine & Rehab Group offers non-surgical treatments in both Manhattan and New Jersey for knee conditions. Non-surgical treatment for the knee includes:

Physical Therapy – One-on-one Physical Therapy treatment plans are created for the treatment of your knee pain or injury by your team of pain doctors. Physical therapy is often an effective treatment for knee pain by helping to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee and improve range of motion.

Anti Inflammatory Medication – The use of anti-inflammatory medication, or NSAIDS, may be recommended to decrease inflammation of the knee and reduce pressure associated with knee pain.

Interventional Pain Management – Relief of knee pain using non-surgical pain management treatments may be recommended. In-office injections for the knee can help relieve pain and also help with cushioning of the joints.

Alternative Treatments – Treatments such as Acupuncture and Medical Massage may be helpful in the relief of knee pain and lend to the healing process and recovery.

The Spine & Rehab Group’s Knee Specialists

The team of Board Certified Doctors at the Spine & Rehab in New Jersey locations are highly trained in the diagnosis of knee pain conditions and knee injury treatments as well as non-surgical treatment and relief of knee pain. During your initial visit, one of our specialists will go over your medical history and may perform an X-ray in the office to confirm the cause of your knee pain. Our doctors are prepared to help heal your injury and find you relief from your pain.

Call us today at 973-400-1716 to request a consultation about your knee pain or knee injury.

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