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Trusted, Expert Back Pain Doctor Near Mount Olive Township NJ

Enjoy A Painless, Active Life Without The Strain on Your Back 

Understanding Back Pain

The human back is composed of three major sections: the lower back, middle back, and upper back. However, the two areas most frequently affected by back pain are the lower and middle back: 

  • Lower back pain: Your lower back, or lumbar region, is a sensitive structure made up of tendons, nerves, muscles, joints, and discs. As the area connected to your legs, the lumbar region is mostly concerned with flexibility and movement. If any part of your lower back is compromised by injury, disease, or an underlying condition, you may experience intense and debilitating pain. Common symptoms include back aches, muscle spasms, decreased flexibility, limited movement, and leg pain (or sciatica). 
  • Middle back pain: The middle back is called the thoracic spine. Although it occurs less frequently than lumbar pain, problems in the thoracic region can be painful and symptomatic; issues may sometimes extend to the upper, cervical area. The middle part of your spine protects most of your vital organs; symptoms of thoracic back complications include a feeling of stiffness in the back, tightness in the muscles, a burning or sharp pain, limited movement, and tingling or weakness in the legs. 

There are a number of reasons for back pain; some patients can easily trace it to overuse or an accident. More often, however, patients can’t really pinpoint the pain to any specific event or activity. When this happens, it usually indicates a mild to serious issue with the structures, tissues, or nerves that make up the back. Common causes of back pain include: 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Strained or pulled muscle/ligament
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • Myofascial pain syndrome

The Spine & Rehab Group: Permanent Back Pain Management From Our Back Pain Specialists  

Back Pain Treatment

If you’re looking for the best podiatrists, orthopedists, and other musculoskeletal specialists in an NJ institute, there isn’t a better team of multidisciplinary professionals than the ones at The Spine & Rehab Group. Thanks to our dedicated medical staff, patients around New York and New Jersey can experience expert treatment and return to an active, healthy lifestyle soon after their first appointment. 

The medical professionals in our offices work hard to provide you the information you need to understand your back, neck, or shoulder pain. After a thorough consultation and diagnosis, we’ll maximize our background in integrative medicine and find interventional, non-surgical wellness options for treating your condition. Experience the best in healthcare and rehabilitation; book an appointment at any Spine & Rehab Group clinic today. 

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Common Myths About Back Pain 

As many people suffer from back conditions and injuries all over the world, it’s not surprising that myths about back pain have emerged. Some of common misconceptions include:

Myth #1: Severe pain is related to a serious problem.

Fact: When your back is in pain, symptoms can range from mild to severe -- but the nature and severity tends to differ from one person to another. We may think that a self-healing pulled muscle or overstretched ligament will only cause mild soreness, while compressed spinal nerves or herniated discs may trigger a debilitating ache. However, the opposite can be true as well: a pulled muscle can send an intense flare-up of pain that sends patients to the emergency room, while a severely herniated disc near the spinal nerve might not even produce a symptom at all . 

Myth #2: If you visit an orthopedic surgeon, you’ll end up going under the knife.

Fact: Many surgeons actually talk patients out of back surgery, as only a handful of spinal disorders actually need surgical treatment. Most back problems and neck pain can be resolved with a conservative treatment option, like physical therapy, spinal injections, or anti-inflammatory medication. 

Myth #3: Exercise will continue to hurt your back.

Fact: You may think that getting plenty of bed rest is the key to back pain relief. On the contrary, gentle exercise is actually the best choice for your back. Walking and easy stretching can help put your spine in a more neutral alignment and strengthen your back muscles. Simple routines may also help relieve any pressure felt on damaged discs. As long as you’re careful, light exercises are ideal for treating most back conditions. 

Mount Olive Township’s Top Back Pain Expert: Dr. Amr Hosny 

The Spine & Rehab Group is led by Dr. Amr Hosny, a board-certified and Harvard trained interventional specialist. As one of the most trusted practitioners in New York and New Jersey for over 15 years, Dr. Hosny is well-known for his commitment to helping patients reclaim their health. 

After receiving extensive training and experience at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, Columbia University NYC, and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Hosny knows the ins-and-outs of pain. Through his experience in integrative medicine, he knows that treating painful conditions such as back pain, sciatica, joint pain, fractures, sports injuries, and herniated or bulging discs can be intimidating -- especially for patients who think that surgical solutions are the only option available to them. 

As a veteran health care provider, Dr. Hosny and his team strive to inform patients how they could achieve their health goals without undergoing surgical procedures. Together, they work to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that suits patient care needs. With over 20,000 procedures performed, we can guarantee safe, effective back pain treatments for all patients.

FAQs on Back Pain 

Q: How is back pain treated non-surgically?

A: Contrary to popular belief, spinal back surgery shouldn’t be the immediate (and only) option for treating back pain. With a comprehensive interventional approach, our professionals usually prescribe a combination of state-of-the-art treatments to address acute back issues and chronic pain. This usually includes physical therapy, chiropractic care, interventional pain management, acupuncture, and medical massage for long-term relief. 

Q: How can I relieve back pain?

A: In many cases, back pain gets better on its own -- even if you don’t get medical attention at a hospital. Some at-home remedies can speed up your recovery, such as getting plenty of rest, continuing with exercise and daily activities, taking over-the-counter pain medicine, and heating or icing the affected area. For slightly more severe cases, chiropractic care by a licensed chiropractor can also help manage pain. 

Q: When should I visit the emergency department for my back pain?

A: Back pain is rarely the sign of anything serious; overuse and a lack of proper care often cause sore, aching backs. However, it’s best to find an urgent care center or a hospital if your pain: 

  • Is constant or intense, especially when lying down
  • Interferes with your quality of life
  • Causes weakness, tingling, or numbness in one or both legs 
  • Follow a fall, a blow to your back, or another injury
  • Spreads down to one or both legs, especially if the pain goes below the knees
  • Occurs with unintentional and evident weight loss 
  • Occurs with bowel or bladder control issues, like incontinence 
  • Occurs with redness, swelling, or tenderness on the back, which may be an infection 

Where To Find A Back Pain Physician in Mount Olive Township NJ: The Spine & Rehab Group

The Spine & Rehab Group offers its services in several locations around New Jersey and New York. If you’re looking for experts on pain management, diagnostics, and rehabilitation for untreated musculoskeletal conditions near Mount Olive Township, NJ, our offices in Riverdale, Cranford, Englewood Cliffs, and Paramus are just 30 - 40 minutes away. Our team of board-certified physicians and specialists will focus on providing you care and pain relief so you can enjoy the various activities around Mount Olive Township again. 

Once you’re fully healed, you can join all the exciting things Mount Olive Township has to offer. Pay a visit to the Turkey Brook Park and participate in the soccer, baseball, softball, and football events, or bring your pet to the Mount Olive Dog Park. You can also spend the day swimming at Budd Lake Beach, without worrying about straining your body. 

Senior citizens who have difficulty moving around on their own would definitely appreciate the ease and convenience of visiting the Spine & Rehab Group’s fully-equipped Morris County offices. We work with patients to treat any chronic, acute, or sports-related aches, pains, injuries, and other spinal issues they’re struggling with. Regain your independence and live without pain under the quality care of our highly-trained medical staff. Contact us today to experience NJ’s leading pain treatment and rehabilitation provider.

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