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Hip Injuries

About Hip Injuries

When you suffer a hip injury from an accident, a fall or a sports injury, you need medical attention to ease your pain and get you back to your daily routines. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may be in a lot of pain, unable to even move. A hip flexor injury requires hip injury treatment from a bone specialist like Dr. Amr Hosny and his team at the Spine & Rehab Group. They accurately diagnose your hip injury and provide effective treatment so you can heal. Call today for a consultation.

What Happens When I Injure My Hip?

Anatomy of Hip Injuries

Hip injuries can be categorized as any accident or event, including blunt force trauma, that create structural problems and hip pain. The pain tells you you’ve been hurt while it limits your flexibility and mobility. Without treatment, you may need an assistive device such as a cane or walker to get around.

The hip is the largest ball-and-socket joint in your body. Your hips give you the flexibility to walk, run, jump and even kick while keeping you steady on your feet. The joint is surrounded and held in place by muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. Working together, the components of your hip support a joint that holds the bulk of your weight while allowing you to move.

Everything in your body is connected, making your hips vulnerable to injury. Back pain in any area — like your upper back, middle back or lower back — as well as knee pain, can have dire consequences for your hips. Consult with a spine specialist from the Spine & Rehab Group at locations like Bergen County, NJ or Midtown Manhattan. They can ease your mind and provide hip injury treatment.

What Causes a Hip Flexor Injury?

The flexor muscles give you the ability to bring your knees to your chest, do high kicks or bend from the waist. When you overwork these muscles, you can strain or sprain them. A sports injury to your hip is the most common injury for those who like to run, cycle, dance or play sports like football, soccer and hockey. Hip injuries are common in those who practice any form of martial arts.

If you think you’ve injured your hip, book an appointment with Dr. Amr Hosny. He has years of experience treating spinal and hip injuries. Other ways you can injure the flexor muscles include:

  • Making sudden movements that put stress on your hip joint and surrounding muscles
  • Experiencing blunt trauma, as from a fall or a car accident
  • Not warming up your muscles before starting an exercise routine
  • Not ensuring your cycle seat is at the right height, which leads to strain from overextension
  • Working out even when your muscles feel stiff, which may be due to arthritis
  • Weak leg and back muscles
  • Being overweight, which stresses your hip joint and leg muscles, since these have to bear your weight and keep you stabilized while you move

What Are the Symptoms of a Hip Injury?

Obviously, you feel pain when you injure your hip, but the type of hip injury determines the type of pain you feel and where you feel it. Seek out a specialist in hip injuries when you experience symptoms that include:

  • Crippling pain in your hip or groin area
  • Swelling and bruising on your hip and surrounding area
  • A rash on your hip
  • A high fever that accompanies the pain
  • The area feels tender to the touch
  • Inexplicably losing weight
  • Walking, climbing stairs or leaning forward in a chair causes more pain
  • Stiffness in the hip joint, making movement difficult
  • The upper part of your leg feels sore and tender
  • Cramping in the upper leg muscles
  • Hip pain that doesn’t subside after a week of rest

The type of hip pain you feel points your doctor toward a diagnosis of one of several hip injuries, even if you can’t tell the difference. Hip bursitis, hip flexor tendonitis or a labral tear all show specific symptoms. You may also have arthritis of the hip, which has damaged the cartilage around your hip joint, causing bone spurs to grow around the edges of the joint. Specialists like Dr. Amr Hosny at the Spine & Rehab Group evaluate your symptoms and offer the best hip injury treatment.

Why Do I Need Hip Flexor Injury Treatment?

Hip injuries that involve the flexor muscles require immediate medical attention, as this type of injury restricts your movement. In many cases, you may find enough relief by taking over-the-counter pain medication, using hot or cold compresses on the muscles to relax them and getting plenty of bed rest. Your doctor may also recommend other forms of pain management, like physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture or a massage to relieve the stress in your muscles.

If you hurt your hip beyond muscular damage, Dr. Hosny may suggest other types of non-surgical treatments for your hip injury, such as:

To determine the extent of your hip injury and receive effective treatment, contact the hip pain specialists at the Spine & Rehab Group. With offices in the Financial District, Greenwich Village and Midtown Manhattan, as well as Paramus, Riverdale, Englewood Cliffs, Cranford and East Brunswick in New Jersey, there’s a facility near you.

Page Updated on Nov 16, 2021 by Dr. Hosny (Interventional Spine Specialist) of The Spine & Rehab Group
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