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What Is Sciatica? 

Sciatica, also known as lumbar radiculopathy, is characterized by a pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body; it branches from the lower back or lumbar spine, then down the hip, buttock, and leg. When the nerve root is “pinched”, it can cause pain, inflammation, and numbness in the affected leg. Patients are likely to feel some type of discomfort anywhere along the nerve’s pathway, although sciatica typically only affects one side of the body. 

Contrary to what most people think, sciatica is not a condition. Rather, it’s a symptom with an underlying cause. Common causes of sciatica include:

  • Herniated disc
  • Arthritis
  • Back injury 
  • Spinal bone spurs
  • Spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal
  • Degenerative disc disease 

These injuries and diseases are triggered by the compression and irritation of the nerve. Patients describe nerve pain to be either a mild ache or excruciating pain. When the affected area is particularly inflamed, sciatica may feel like a jolt, an electric shock, or a sharp, burning sensation which is aggravated when sitting or standing for a long period of time. And although most cases of sciatica heal with non-operative treatments after a few weeks, severe sciatica may require surgery. 

The Spine & Rehab Group: Permanent Sciatica Relief 

The goal of our medical team at The Spine & Rehab Group is to help patients feel better so they can return to an active, healthy lifestyle. Through the efforts of our multidisciplinary professionals and specialists, we can treat debilitating conditions such as neck pain, back pain, sciatica, shoulder issues, joint pain, fractures, and sports injuries without resorting to orthopedic surgery. 

We’re proud to have the top-rated doctors, podiatrists, orthopedists, and physical therapists in accessible locations around Manhattan and north New Jersey. Our expert team will work with you to find the right treatment options and provide you the best care possible. Schedule an appointment with us today. 

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Misbeliefs About Sciatica 

You’re likely to encounter a few faulty beliefs about sciatica when doing research on the internet or talking to other patients. To be better informed about this medical problem, let’s debunk a few of those myths: 

Myth #1: You should skip exercise and stay in bed if you have sciatica.

Fact: Tempting as it might be to stay away from physical activity, patients who suffer from sciatica should actually remain active and avoid excessive rest. Lying down for a long period of time can weaken your back muscles and exacerbate sciatic pain so it’s important to perform light exercises and stretches frequently. 

Myth #2: Treating sciatica requires surgery.

Fact: Most sciatica cases resolve in 6 weeks with rest and conservative medicine; surgery is considered the last option for when other pain management treatments fail. Muscle relaxants, pain medicine, and epidural injections can promote faster healing. An orthopaedic surgeon will only be called when there is unbearable numbness, weakness, or pain. 

Myth #3: Sciatica has no long-term effects.

Fact: Although it’s rare, permanent nerve damage is actually a possibility for patients with sciatica. This is why people who experience incontinence or loss of sensation in the legs should seek emergency care immediately, as it may be a sign of a more serious problem. 

Mahwah’s Top Sciatica Physician: Dr. Amr Hosny

The Spine & Rehab Group is headed by Dr. Amr Hosny, a board-certified and Harvard trained interventional spine specialist. As a veteran healthcare provider, Dr. Hosny knows how to balance patient needs and goals -- without needing to perform orthopedic surgery. And for over 15 years, Dr. Hosny has been committed to working with patients who suffer from spinal pain and related conditions. 

Dr. Hosny received extensive training and experience at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, Columbia University NYC, and Harvard Medical School. Through his background on integrative medicine, Dr. Hosny and his team work with individual patients in order to develop and implement a comprehensive, personalized recovery plan for all patients. Since opening their practice, Dr. Hosny and The Spine & Rehab Group team have performed over 20,000 safe and effective procedures for all types of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. 

How We Treat Sciatica 

The Spine & Rehab Group is home to the leading sciatica doctors in New Jersey and New York. We emphasize treating sciatica with a non-surgical approach, through a combination of treatments including:

  • Physical therapy: Our team of back pain specialists, interventional specialists, and physical therapists will customize a treatment plan so you can strengthen your body. It is crucial for conditioning the body against muscle spasms, recovering from pain caused by a sciatic episode, and preventing symptoms from worsening. These therapies often include manual massages, heat therapy, and electrical stimulation techniques. We may also recommend chiropractic care under a licensed chiropractor in conjunction to therapy and rehabilitation. 
  • Epidural steroid injections: Steroid injections can reduce inflammation and promote pain relief, which allows patients to continue with physical therapy and rehabilitation. Epidural injections can also briefly improve quality of life for patients. 
  • Anti-inflammatory medication: Anti-inflammatory medication or NSAIDS are offered as a treatment option to decrease swelling.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, wherein the nerves will be stimulated with hair-thin needles. Our certified acupuncturists can help patients alleviate sciatica and back pain. 

FAQs on Sciatica

Q: When should I go to the hospital for sciatica?

A: Mild sciatica goes away over time. However, if your pain lasts longer than a week or grows progressively worse, it’s best to call a specialist. You should also get immediate medical advice at a hospital if: 

  • The pain follows a violent injury, like a traffic accident.
  • Your sciatica symptoms have grown severe and debilitating.
  • You’re experiencing trouble controlling your bladder or bowels 
  • You have a sudden, severe pain in the lower back. 
  • Your muscles feel significantly numb and weak. 
  • You have a persisting headache. 

Q: What are the risk factors for sciatica?

A: While sciatica can affect anyone, people who are overweight or diabetic are more likely to develop it. This is because excess weight and long periods of inactivity may put more pressure on the afflicted nerve root. Over-activity, on the other hand, may also lead to sciatica; athletes who run may get sciatica due to repetitive movements of the hip. Middle-aged adults also grow to be more susceptible to this problem as the structures in the back naturally degenerate over time. 

Q: Can sciatica be prevented?

A: Not all sciatica cases can be prevented, but keeping yourself active and using the correct form in activities like sitting, walking, and lifting can be effective in reducing recurrence of lower back pain. Improving strength in the muscles of your back and abdomen, managing your weight, and maintaining a good posture can also be a form of pain management that prevents further deterioration from happening. You may also consider chiropractic alignment to ease spinal discomfort. 

Where To Find A Sciatica Specialist in Mahwah NJ: The Spine & Rehab Group

The Spine & Rehab Group has clinics in several locations around New Jersey and New York. If you’re looking for experts on pain management, diagnostics, and rehabilitation for untreated musculoskeletal conditions near Mahwah Township, NJ, our offices in Paramus, Englewood Cliffs, and Riverdale are only a short 15 - 30 minutes away. Our team of highly-trained, board-certified physicians and medical staff will focus on providing you care and pain relief so you can enjoy the various activities around Mahwah Township again. 

Mahwah Township is popular for its natural parks and reserves, like the Campgaw Mountain Reservation and the Ramapo Valley County Reservation. Through our effective treatments, you can explore the campgrounds, hike on the loop trails, or try skiing on the ski slopes in Mahwah. Live independently and say goodbye to any pain holding you back. 

Senior citizens and patients who are struggling to move around on their own would definitely appreciate the ease and convenience of visiting any of the Spine & Rehab Group’s fully-equipped branches. We can treat any chronic, acute, or sports-related aches, pains, injuries, and other spinal issues. Regain your independence and live without pain under the quality care of our board-certified physicians. Contact us today to experience the best in pain treatment and rehabilitation. 

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