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Professional, Dedicated Neck Pain Doctor Near Randolph NJ

Move Your Head Around Freely, For Good 

Your Neck and You: How Pain Hinders You 

What Causes Neck Pain

The human neck is a part of the cervical spine, or the upper region of the back that extends from the upper torso to the skull. It is made up of special, stacked up bones called vertebrae, which have cervical discs in between them to absorb shock. All together, the vertebra, soft tissue, ligaments, joints, and muscles of the neck support the head and allow motion. And as these parts are all interconnected, any inflammation or abnormality can cause pain or stiffness. 

Most people will experience a mild ‘stiff neck’ at least once in their life but it isn’t a serious, long-lasting condition. Often, stiffness and pain are caused by overuse, staying in an awkward posture, sleeping in a bad position, or jerking the neck suddenly. More severe cases are triggered by a whiplash, an injury from a fall, or accidents in contact sports. If your pain lasts more than a week and is accompanied by severe pain or other symptoms, immediate medical attention is necessary. 

In some cases, neck pain could indicate a serious injury and require a specialist’s care. Commonly, pain is caused by conditions such as: 

  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis is the most frequent cause of aches and pains in the body, especially as people grow older. Arthritis is also called cervical spondylosis, which refers to the general wear-and-tear that causes inflammation and degeneration in the neck. Osteoarthritis results in a headache, pain, stiffness, or weakness in the arms. 
  • Cervical spinal stenosis: Spinal stenosis is a condition where the spinal canal narrows gradually, compressing and pinching the nerve and the spinal cord inside. This leads to irritated, painful nerves. 
  • Cervical herniated discs: A herniated, slipped, bulging, or ruptured disc refers to a problem with the rubbery cushions between each bone. The disc is a soft, jellylike nucleus protected by a tough, rubbery casing called the annulus. A herniated disc occurs when the annulus is torn and some of the nucleus slips out, irritating the nerves. 
  • Degenerative disc disease: As the name suggests, cervical degenerative disc disease occurs when one of the discs in the vertebrae break down or deteriorate. If untreated, the condition can lead to spinal stenosis as well.  

The Spine & Rehab Group: Permanent Neck Pain Relief

If you’re looking for a top-rated doctor, podiatrist, orthopedist, or sports medicine expert, the multidisciplinary specialists at The Spine & Rehab Group are among the best in the US. When you’re suffering from any musculoskeletal condition, our professionals will go above and beyond to help you feel better and recover your quality of life. 

Most patients are fearful of getting their pain checked because they think orthopedic surgery is the only option for pain relief. Through our background in physical medicine and interventional approach, we work to meet your care needs and find the best, non-surgical treatment available. Expect nothing less than excellence from our practice. Book your appointment or visit any of our New York and New Jersey offices today. 

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Myths and Misconceptions on Neck Pain

For as long as chronic pain in the neck has been experienced, myths about this problem have persisted. Let’s take a look at common misconceptions about this type of pain and debunk them:

Myth #1: Only manual labor causes pain.

Fact: Manual labor workers are indeed more likely to experience neck, knee, or shoulder pain, as they are required to perform a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, and pushing. But don’t underestimate how office-based work can also predispose you to neck discomfort. Sitting too long in front of a computer at your workstation without small breaks can also contribute to lower back pain and other health issues. Usually, this is caused by poor posture, incorrect desk setup, lack of stretching, and other tiny habits we ignore. Craning your head at a downward angle for a long period of time could also exert pressure on the nerves. 

Myth #2: Pain naturally occurs as we age.

Fact: Many people believe that chronic aches and pains are a natural part of the aging process. And it is true that aging makes us more prone to certain types of pain. However, age is just the passage of time. People who have good posture and practice positive habits won’t experience any chronic condition in the neck. In fact, pain doesn’t have to be a part of your life. Don’t delay treatment and work with the right specialist or chiropractor to prevent medical problems from worsening over time. 

Myth #3: Correcting posture habits won’t do anything.

Fact: Although it can be challenging, correcting your posture is essential to keeping your spine strong and functional. And when your spine is in good health, the rest of your central nervous system -- including the brain -- will be in good condition too. Practice sitting in an upright position to prevent issues with spinal alignment and muscle balance. You can also do gentle stretching exercises that target your neck and other muscle groups to stimulate blood flow and keep your heart pumping. 

Randolph City’s Top Neck Pain Doctor: Dr. Amr Hosny

Dr. Amr Hosny leads The Spine & Rehab Group’s team of top doctors and pain specialists. As a  a board-certified and Harvard trained interventional specialist, Dr. Hosny has been working with patients who suffer from spinal pain and related conditions for over 15 years. He received extensive training and experience at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, Columbia University NYC, and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Hosny knows the ins-and-outs of pain. As one of the most trusted practitioners in New York and New Jersey, he is well-known for his commitment to helping patients reclaim their health. 

He is also well-aware that treating painful conditions such as back pain, sciatica, joint pain, fractures, sports injuries, and herniated or bulging discs can be intimidating; most patients are afraid of getting a check-up because they think they’ll end up in surgery, even if it’s not likely the case. 

Dr. Hosny and his team work with individual patients in order to develop and implement a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan -- that doesn’t require orthopedic surgery. They conduct a thorough physical examination and look closely at each patient’s complete medical history, as well as state-of-the-art imaging and electrodiagnostic studies to form an accurate diagnosis of the situation. After over 20,000 procedures performed, the team is highly experienced at handling treatments that are safe, effective and comfortable for all patients. 

How We Treat Neck Problems

At the Manhattan and New Jersey locations of The Spine & Rehab Group, we offer non-surgical treatments that are effective for pain relief and faster healing. Our team of neck and back pain specialists work together to create a treatment plan to address pain holistically. Some procedures we usually recommend include: 

  • Physical therapy: A neck pain specialist, interventional specialist, chiropractor, and physical therapist will work together to provide a customized physical rehabilitation plan that relieves pain, improves mobility, and promotes complete recovery. 
  • Massage therapy: Medical massage therapies are a non-surgical, manual approach to pain management. When performed in conjunction with physical therapy, medical massage can promote pain relief and speed up healing. 
  • Acupuncture: As a traditional form of Chinese medicine, acupuncture can alleviate neck, back, and other pain conditions. A certified acupuncturist will utilize sterile, hair-thin needles to stimulate the nerves and promote relaxation where the ache is felt the most. 
  • Interventional pain management: Non-surgical, conservative medicine like interventional therapies work well as an option for patients who want to avoid surgery. Cervical epidural steroid injections can relieve pain and support recovery from back or neck injuries. 

FAQs on Neck Pain 

Q: When should I seek medical attention?

A: Most pains and aches improve gradually with home remedies. However, you should seek immediate care if your pain results from a fall or a car accident. You should also have your pain checked if the pain persists for several days without relief, spreads down your arms or legs, or is accompanied by other symptoms like numbness, headaches, or tingling. 

Q: Will I need neck surgery?

A: No, although many patients worry about the possibility. Neck surgery is a last resort in case conservative methods don’t work. In fact, most orthopedic surgeons would recommend treatments like chiropractic care or physical therapy first. Chiropractic adjustments help align your neck back into its proper position to relieve pressure, while physical therapists work with you to keep your neck healthy and prevent further decline. 

Q: Is neck stiffness preventable?

A: Stiffness isn’t an inevitable consequence of aging; you can easily prevent pain with certain lifestyle choices. Frequent stretching, adequate hydration, proper posture, and minimizing activities that put an unnecessary strain on the neck can keep pain away. For total wellness, you can also consider visiting a chiropractor to help you align your back. 

Where To Find A Neck Pain Doctor in Randolph NJ: The Spine & Rehab Group

The Spine & Rehab Group has several offices around New Jersey and New York. If you’re looking for specialists on pain management, diagnostics, and rehabilitation for untreated musculoskeletal conditions near Randolph Township, NJ, our offices in Cranford, Riverdale, Paramus, and Englewood Cliffs are only a quick 20 - 40 minutes away. Our team of highly-trained physicians and medical staff are dedicated to providing the care and pain relief you need to participate in the various activities around Randolph Township again. 

After receiving treatment from The Spine & Rehab Group, you can easily explore the beautiful woods, ponds, and lakes Randolph Township has to offer. Randolph has plenty of parks to get active in, such as Freedom Park, Randolph Park, and the Brundage Park Recreation Complex. Randolph Township also hosts a number of organized events for senior citizens, high school sports, and other exciting group activities. 

Patients who are struggling to move around on their own won’t be inconvenienced in the slightest, as The Spine & Rehab Group is a one-stop shop for treatment. Together, we’ll help you work on any chronic, acute, or sports-related aches, pains, injuries, and other spinal issues. Regain your confidence to live the life you want. Call us to receive the best in pain treatment and rehabilitation today. 

Page Updated on Nov 16, 2021 by Dr. Hosny (Interventional Spine Specialist) of The Spine & Rehab Group
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